Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Quick urbanization has brought about many ghetto tenants, lacking and overburdened foundation and administrations and compounding air contamination. The pandemic will hit the hardest more than 1 billion ghetto inhabitants around the world, who experience the ill effects of an absence of sufficient lodging, no running water at home, mutual latrines, few or no waste administration frameworks, packed public vehicle, and restricted admittance to formal medical care offices. Numerous in that populace work in the casual area and are in great danger of losing their business as urban communities shut down. Critical reaction plans are expected to get ready for and react to episodes in casual settlements and ghettos.

The accompanying examination ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the expect to make urban areas and human settlements comprehensive, sheltered, strong and maintainable. These ventures and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.


Shakespeare Play by ITU Students

The play "A Midsummer Night's Dream," staged by the Drama Club students of our School of Foreign Languages, received favorable reviews from the audience at the Mustafa Kemal Amphitheater. (13 Jun 2022)

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ITU Alumni Turkish Music Ensemble Gives a Concert in Uşak

Our Turkish Music Ensemble, composed of ITU alumni, performed a concert in Uşak. The concert, which attracted the interest of our graduates, received a great applause from the audience. (13 Jun 2022)

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ITU Press Continues with a Renewed Face

ITU Press resumed its services with its new face at Mustafa İnan Library on October 13 with the opening ceremony attended by our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu. (15 Oct 2022)

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ITU Stands by Our Miners in Bartın Amasra

An ITU delegation visited the scene of the mining accident in Bartın Amasra, where 41 miners lost their lives, to gather information from the authorities. (17 Oct 2022)

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ITU Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Faculty’s computer laboratory is in service with its new face

The computer laboratory and study area of our Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering has been completely renovated through a comprehensive project. The opening ceremony of the area, which was put into the service of our students under the name “Yıldız Eren Computer Laboratory and Study Area”, took place on December 6, 2022. (07 Dec 2022)

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Cooperation from ITU for Sustainable Agriculture

ITUNOVA Technology Transfer Office and Cargill are collaborating to develop sustainable agriculture and bioindustrial products with “Zero Waste in the Field” and “Bioindustrial Products” projects. (16 Dec 2022)

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Textile Machinery Exhibition Opened at ITU

ITU Gümüşsuyu Campus is hosting the “Textile Machinery from Past to Present” Exhibition. Organized with the contributions of İTHİB and İHKİB, the exhibition is the first laboratory test equipment exhibition held in a university. (21 Dec 2022)

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Earthquake Panel at ITU

The panel titled "Mega City Awaiting an Earthquake: Istanbul, Building Safety, Retrofitting, Tsunami," held at the ITU Faculty of Architecture on November 15th, brought together experts in the field. (22 Nov 2022)

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Honorary Doctorate to Erol Sayan, the Doyen of Our Music

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) awarded the title of “honorary doctor” to Erol Sayan, one of the most important composers of our country. At the honorary doctorate ceremony where Erol Sayan was present, ITU TMSC gave the audience a feast of Turkish art music with a repertoire consisting of Erol Sayan’s compositions. (28 Oct 2022)

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A Life Devoted to the History of Architecture

Toplumsal Tarih (Social History) magazine has prepared a special file in memory of Prof. Doğan Kuban, a distinguished faculty member of ITU and one of the legendary names in the Republican architectural history. (16 Sep 2022)

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New Social Spaces Opened at Our Ayazağa Campus

New dining and relaxation areas have been added to our ITU Ayazağa Campus. The newly opened social spaces quickly became popular spots for our students. (27 Sep 2022)

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Çağlan Tekil Music Collection is Entrusted to ITU MIAM

Music writer, publisher and radio host Çağlan Tekil’s record archive, consisting of a wide variety of music genres, rare editions and special copies, is opened to the use of researchers at Istanbul Technical University Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music (ITU MIAM). (13 Apr 2022)

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ITU’s language learning application IDEAL is on mobile stores!

The free language learning application for foreign students, of which ITU is one of the stakeholders within the scope of Erasmus + KA2, is now available on Google Play and App Store. The application aims to teach 6 different languages, including Turkish, at A1 level. (01 Nov 2022)

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ITU Climate Action Plan


ITU Climate Action Plan

ITU Climate Action Plan started to be prepared as of 2020. Updates are made to the plan every year.

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İTÜ Graduate School Interdisciplinary Urban Design Program

Urban Design Master Program is an interdisciplinary program affiliated with the Urban Design Department of the İTÜ Graduate School, carried out in cooperation with the Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture Departments of the Faculty of Architecture.

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İTÜ Çekirdek Technological Cities Program

İTÜ Çekirdek welcome you with your technology that will add innovation to your city, and let your startup build up with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) – Istanbul Planning Agency.

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Seismic Resilience and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project

Project of Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change called as “Seismic Resilience and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project” is an another project. The below stated buildings are in the scope of this Project

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Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project

It is the Project by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change. With the project, which aims to renew 500-700 public buildings in an energy efficient way, it is aimed to combat climate change by providing energy savings, increasing comfort and reducing greenhouse gases.

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ITU Cekirdek Energy

With the İTÜ Çekirdek #Energy Program, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to introduce their innovative business ideas to the electricity distribution sector.

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Nature Friendly Publicity

ITU prioritizes responsible consumption and recycling and implements policies related to these.

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Cycling city and pedestrian priority in Istanbul ITU

Within the scope of the project, ITU expanded the specially allocated bicycle and electric scooter lanes within the campus.

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Sustainability Awareness in ITU

This project help to increase student’s awareness about sustainability and other environmental goals such as SDGs. Individual attempts are not enough.

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A new Academic English course has been opened on the Sustainable Development Goals!

Course can be taken by any ITU students passing the ITU SFL English Proficiency Exam with a score of 60-74.

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ITU prioritizes pedestrian access on campus!

ITU campus traffic policy states clearly that the pedestrians have priority over all other vehicles including bikes.

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Conveying the Past to the Future: Traditional Arts are Alive with İTÜ

İTÜ is keeping the local and international traditional arts alive with festivals, contests and seminars.

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İTÜ Profession for Everyone

İTÜ art institutions are sharing their profession and experince via open public activities.

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Heirloom Seeds into The Campus Garden

Cooperating with the Buğday Association for supporting the ecological life (est. 2002), volunteer students have started vegetable beds in the Taşkışla campuss, as a part of the project “Nature friendly Urban Gardens – Seeds to the Campuss” by Buğday.

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Scent of the History: Buildings of İTÜ Campuses

İTÜ with its three campus buildings from the Ottoman Empire era, provides a historical atmosphere to its students and to the public.

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Open Digital Innovation Hub

This research aims to build a self-sustaining house which will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for the entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Socially Assistive Robotics in İTÜ as An Intervention Tool for Children with Autism

The Erasmus EMBOA project entitled “Affective loop in Socially Assistive Robotics as an intervention tool for children with autism” is a research and educational project that aims at enhancement of social robot intervention in children with autism with affective computing technologies.

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RoboRehab: Assistive Audiology Rehabilitation Robot

Another project called 'RoboRehab: Assistive Audiology Rehabilitation Robot', a TUBITAK 1001 project at ITU is to develop an affective robot companion for audiology rehabilitation and to test the system with the deaf or hard of hearing children.

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We are Going Beyond

İTÜ is taking responsibility in the public education.

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Sustainable Buildings of İTÜ

İTÜ thrives to increase the number of sustainable buildings in terms of water and energy efficiency. Minimizing water use is one of the main objectives of the new constructions.

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Sustainable Gardening Minimizing Water Use in İTÜ

İTÜ prefers local plants in the landscape which does not require precipitation more than that in Istanbul. A new garden was established on the campus following permaculture principles.

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Promoting Conscious Water Use

İTÜ has a social responsibility project called Tears of Water (Suyun Gözyaşları in Turkish) aims to give free seminars and workshops to primary school students in order to increase the consciousness in water use.

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Solar Decathlon Africa: Zero Energy and Zero Waste Concept

A team has members from İTÜ and named as Bosphorus represented Turkey for the first time in Solar Decathlon Africa Competition. The team started the construction of the ReYard House Project with zero energy and zero waste concept.

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Energy Efficient Buildings

İTÜ thrives to increase the number of sustainable buildings in terms of water and energy efficiency. Energy efficient mechanical and electrical appurtenances are used in these buildings.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting and Appliances

İTÜ promotes use of safe, economic and aesthetic lighting armatures with low energy consumption and energy-efficient appliances have been adopted in indoor and outdoor areas.

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İTÜ Green Campus Project

İTÜ has declared several ambitious targets and projects concerning increase the use of zero emission vehicles, pedestrians’ paths and bicycle roads.

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Affordable Housing in İTÜ

İTÜ has a Coordinatorship of Scholars and Dormitories to provide relatively cheap and comfortable accommodations especially for low-income students.

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We are Managing Our Waste

Waste production and recycling is controlled under Turkish Government and İTÜ policies.

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A sustainable Water Strategy Model: HIDROTURK

Shortly abbreviated as HIDROTURK, the project entitled “Development of Turkey-Specific Hydrology, Water Quality and Ecology Modeling Tools for Sustainable Management of Water Resources” is carried out by İTÜ in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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İTÜ projected the first Super City of Turkey!

A team from İTÜ designed “zero energy, zero waste and self-sufficient ecological city that produces its own needs” in Eskisehir Kocakır.

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Protection of Species and Biodiversity

İTÜ conducts different works to maintain and extend existing ecosystems. In order to maintain the biodiversity in the campus, many experts and academicians in different fields are collaborating.

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Sustainable Commuting

ITU takes pride in prioritizing sustainable commuting inside the campus. Our university provides and extents specifically assigned bicycle and electrical scooter roads throughout the campus.

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Building on Brownfields

Our university focuses on utilizing brownfield sites by primarily building new buildings on them whenever necessary and possible.

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AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module: Publications and Experts

AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module supports to increase the impact of researchers' contribution within the scope of UN Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring that publications, projects, theses, and similar activities are visible at the international level./p>

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Sustainable Development Certificate Program

Some of the knowledge, skills, and competencies aimed to be acquired by the participants within the scope of this program are summarized below:

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The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA)

The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), of which Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is among its founding partners, is a European University Initiative association. the idea of the European University Initiative; It extends to the Gothenburg Summit of the Council of Europe, which took place in 2017.

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Establishment of the ITU Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works to enable our university to understand and deliver on its ambition to be leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

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