1.3.5 Low or lower-middle income countries student support

Students from low-income countries can apply to any scholarship (food, housing, merit and athletic scholarships) provided by our university.


In alignment with the regulations delineated in "Regarding the Support to be Provided by the Board of Higher Education to Foreign Students from Abroad," scholarships are allocated to international students originating from underdeveloped nations who have been admitted to state universities in Türkiye by the Higher Education Board. Istanbul Technical University, adhering to the tenets of Higher Education in Türkiye, mirrors this commitment. As a public university, ITU has instituted a designated quota to accommodate and support students from this demographic, ensuring they have access to quality education and the necessary financial support. This initiative is indicative of ITU’s and the broader Turkish higher education system’s dedication to promoting global educational inclusivity and diversity.

Regulation on International StudentsGovernment Funds for International Students


List of ITU graduate students from low and middle-income countries: https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/docs/librariesprovider76/sdg-3/1-3-5.xlsx