The 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations (UN) in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings is an important indicator that evaluates the success of universities worldwide in implementing UN’s SDGs in terms of their societal, environmental and social development activities. 

THE Impact 2024

ITU, which declared 2024 as the Year of Global Impact, achieved great success in the 2024 results of the ranking by Times Higher Education (THE) based on the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations (UN) as a solution to the seventeen main problems of the world.

Istanbul Technical University ranked 34th among 1963 universities in the overall ranking according to THE 2024 Impact Rankings results  and also ranked first in Türkiye. ITU has reached this point by rising steadily from the 601+ levels it was at in 2020, with its sustainability efforts. Our university ranked in the 101-200 range in 2021 and 2022, and ranked 58th last year; with its comprehensive sustainability efforts, it managed to become the 34th best university in the world in this field in 2024.

Istanbul Technical University rose to the 5th place this year from the 10th place last year in the 4th Goal, “Quality Education”, according to the results of THE 2024 Impact Rankings. Our university ranked 25th in the world in the 9th Goal, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”. ITU also rose to the 34th place in the 15th Goal, “Life on Land”, from its 99th place last year, and ranked 51st in the 8th Goal, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. Thus, Istanbul Technical University achieved great success by ranking in the top 100 in four goals.

ITU maintains its superiority in the rankings with increasing momentum, despite the increase in the number of universities included in the rankings every year.


THE Impact 2023

ITU aimed to make sustainability an important part of its corporate identity by declaring 2023, the 250th anniversary of its establishment, the “Year of Sustainability”.

According to the results of THE 2023 Impact Rankings, ITU achieved an outstanding success by taking 58th place in the world. ITU made a great progress from its 73rd place last year to 9th place worldwide under the “Decent Work and Economic Growth” SDG.  ITU rose eight places in the “Quality Education” SDG compared to last year and ranked 10th worldwide this year. ITU also ranked 23rd worldwide in the “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” SDG . ITU made a great progress from the 101-200 range it was in last year in the goal titled “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and rose to 40th place this year. In the “Clean Water and Sanitation” SDG, ITU, which was in the 99th place in 2022, moved up 67 steps in 2023 and rose to the 32nd place. ITU also rose to 79th place in 2023 under the “Life below Water” SDG, where it was in the 101-200 range in 2022, while it rose to 95th place this year in the “Affordable and Clean Energy” SDG, where it was in the 101-200 range last year. ITU achieved a great success by rising to the 75th place from the 201-300 range it was in last year under the “Zero Hunger” SDG. In the ranking for the goal titled “Partnerships for the Goals”, ITU ranked 96th worldwide with a big jump from the 201-300 range.