1.2.1 Number of student/Low-income students receiving financial aid

ITU is proud to offer a comprehensive scholarship program, catering to the diverse needs of our students, particularly focusing on essential aspects like education and sustenance. Regardless of financial background, all ITU undergraduate and graduate students facing financial challenges are eligible for these scholarships. The types of scholarships are outlined in the table below for easy reference. To ensure every deserving student benefits, we encourage eligible candidates to apply for these scholarships through the ITU Directorate of Scholarships and Dormitories office through uploading a scholarship form on the ITU PORTAL system. Our dedicated evaluations team diligently assesses applications, granting scholarships that provide invaluable support throughout the students' academic journey. At ITU, we believe in making quality education accessible to all, and these scholarships stand as a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive learning environment. In 2022, out of the 19,078 students enrolled at ITU, 12,320 students have received any of the scholarships provided in the following table. The distribution of scholarships is based on several vulnerability criteria disclosed and approved by students in the application form.

Scholarships TypeTime
ITU Rectorate Meal Scholarship9 months
ITU Rectorate Free Soup Distribution9 months
ITU Development Foundation Scholarship (Personal, company)6-12 months
ITU Alumni Education Foundation Scholarship (Personal, company)5-12 months
ITU Foundation Scholarship (Personal, Company)8-12 months
ITU Alumni Association Scholarship (Istanbul Branch Office)9 months
ITU Alumni Association Scholarship (Ankara Branch Office)10 months
Private Scholarships (Individuals, Companies, Foundations and Institutions)4-12 months
Credit and Dormitories Institution Scholarship12 months
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Social SupportOnce in a year

Application form : https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/docs/librariesprovider76/sdg-3/1-2-1.pdf