Accessible facilities for people with disabilities

ITU has a Disabled Student Unit to make disabled students' educational life easier in terms of accessing faculty buildings and mentoring. An accessibility study report was prepared to analyze which measures could be implemented on the campus and buildings to make disabled individuals' campus life easier. According to the conducted studies, tactile paving was laid on the main access routes. For disabled individuals, a voice guideline was implemented for some of the faculty buildings. The system helps disabled individuals to find their way into the buildings. An app was developed for this purpose. ITU has also a Disabled Student Unit and it organizes some periodical activities for disabled students. The public link of ITU is given as Evidence 1.

ITU Impact Rankings Web Site


 (https://impact.itu.edu.tr/making-disabled-students-life-easier -EN)

Loud steps app is given as Evidence 2.

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Sensory mapping of ITU Maslak Campus was studied in the 2021-2022 Spring semester of the "Universal Design in the Urban Environment" undergraduate elective course given at ITU Faculty of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning Department by Prof.Dr. Hatice Ayataç.  This study is planned as a joint activity of ITU Barrier-Free and Accessible Campus commission and ITU Sustainability Office. The study aimed to define ITU Maslak Campus in 8 sub-regions and five senses, and to identify The Campus problems and potentials.  38 students were included in this study. The results were shared with Sustainability Office.


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Services for people with disabilities


ITU as a body has a Disabled Student Unit to make disabled students' educational life easier in terms of accessing any information needed and access to the buildings on the campus. Council of Higher Education in Turkey (YÖK)’s Disabled Student Commission directs informing and mentoring the disabled students. For this reason, ITU has a Directive on Disabled Student Unit. ITU and Disabled Student Unit courage the students with different events one of them is made by Coordinator of the Disabled Student Unit which is  Non-disabled University online event with Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of ITU. Website of Disabled Student Unit is given as Evidence 1.


The ITU Disability Support Office: https://engelsiz.itu.edu.tr/


ITU Sustainability Office Directive on Disabled Students Unit: https://sustainability.itu.edu.tr/itu-directive-on-disabled-students-unit


The link of the online event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=5iR-sXo13Z0