We collaborate for a sustainable future, #TogetherPossible!

Academic Collaborations

ITU is a member of AASHE since 2021.

AASHE, The Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, dates back to 2001. AASHE provide a network for the students, academicians and sustainability staff of the universities from all over the world to share their experiences in sustainable practices for higher education.

ITU members can access the Campus Sustainability Hub with many resources from databases to calculators, from course programs to webinars. (Even if you are not a member of ITU, check out the hub with a personal free account to access the public contents.) AASHE also allows to built peers and mentor-mentee groups to help institutes walk the path together to the sustainability. STARS® database allows public access to the detailed sustainability reports of the universitie


ITU is a member of Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN) since 2017. In 2019, Eda Beyazıt moderated the "Active and Healthy Cities" session in the 7th LIVABLE CITIES SYMPOSIUM, held in İstanbul, with the participation of SDSN Turkey coordinator Bahar Ozay.

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Cityair Project (2019 - Ongoing)

CityAir Project aims to improve the quality of life of citizens through the implementation and enforcement of the European Union environmental legislation in the context of air quality.

In the long run, project outcomes will contribute to the increase of air quality at the national level, to the protection of public health, will support Turkey’s economic, social and environmental sustainability, and will ensure the following SDG targets:

- SDG target 3.9.1, which calls for a substantial reduction in deaths and illnesses from air pollution.

- SDG target 7.1.2, which aims to ensure access to clean energy in homes

- SDG target 11.6.2, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of cities by improving air quality

İTÜ professors have been instrumental in reaching these targets in collaboration with a broad network of International experts.
New European Wind Atlas

The complete project encompassed accurate mapping of wind conditions, development and testing of the new methods of downscaling, and a series of atmospheric field experiments to validate the modelling. The mesoscale modelling covers the entire EU plus Turkey and 100 km offshore as well as the complete North and Baltic Seas.

Project brings together 30 partners from 8 countries. /

Government & NGO Collaborations


ITU participated to the "Istanbul Ecosystems Workshop" held by Istanbul Municipality, with its four academicians in four workgroups (Prof. Hayriye Esbah Tuncay (Moderator) and Assist. Prof. Serdar Kaya in Ecological Planning workgroup, Dr. Emrah Coraman (Moderator) in Fauna Diversity of Istanbul workgroup, Prof. Nebiye Musaoglu in Istanbul Ecosystems workgroup. Dr. Coraman also moderated the Mayors and Associates workgroup).

Workshop took place between 11.02.2021 - 22.02.2021 and brought together 23 NGOs, 33 academicians, 65 municipal staff, 5 civil servants. Municipality representatives were not limited to Istanbul but also from other regions of Turkey.

Closing meetings of the workshop are streamed online, open to public, and can be accessed in the municipality YouTube channel.

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Teknofest with T3 Foundation


ITU has signed a protocol with Turkish Technology Team Foundation to promote science and technology with special focus on educating graduate and undergraduate students to take part in projects involving advanced technologies.

"My Sister" Project with Habitat Foundation (2017 - 2020)

Project was included in Turkey's VNR report, published in HPFL (High-Level Political Forum) 2019.

My Sister Project, implemented in partnership with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Istanbul Technical University and Coca-Cola Turkey, took its training to the Lavender Scented Village (2020). You can find the story of the Women Entrepreneurs Cooperative in the video.