ITU's Partnership in the Prevention and Treatment National Platform

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is a participant in the "Prevention and Treatment National Platform (KORTUP) (https://kortup.ibg.edu.tr/)," which is supported through the TUBITAK 1004 Program. KORTUP's objective is to establish an ecosystem capable of swiftly responding to potential outbreaks and pandemics, encouraging robust collaborations, and preparing infrastructures aligned with technological requirements.

The platform aims to create a network of excellence specializing in rational vaccine design and cellular immunotherapy technologies within the country. Through collaborative efforts, the platform seeks to develop five vaccines for infectious diseases and two diagnostic kits for selected infectious diseases. The KORTUP platform, led by İBG İzmir, comprises six partner organizations, including ITU, and two industrial entities, ATABAY and Petroyağ, along with fourteen stakeholder organizations.