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Course NameCourse Code
Sustainable Development Fundamentals and MindsettingSUS503E (Z)
Graduate Independent StudySUS502E (Z)
Philosophy of Science for SustainabilitySUS509E (Z)
Zero Energy BuildingsEBT551E (Z)
Development EconomicsIKT525E (Z)
Climate Change: Science, Impacts and MitigationYSB572E (Z)
Special Topics in Sustainability ManagementSUS501E (Z)
Mathematical Methods in Sustainability ApplicationsSUS504E (Z)
Scientific Research, Ethic and SeminarSUS596E(Z)
Energy and Natural Resource LawEBT543E (Z)
GIS in EcologyGIT521E (Z)
Digital Solutions for Smart CitiesBLG556E (Z)
Waste Minimization, Recycling and Cleaner TechnologiesCBM544E (Z)
Industrial Ecology and Sustainable EngineeringCBM549E (Z)
Ecology, Society and Sustainable DevelopmentANT501E (Z)