Equal Opportunity Directive for Students with Special Needs in Education


Purpose and Scope

ARTICLE 1 – (1) This policy; making the necessary arrangements and arrangements to prepare the necessary academic environment and ensure their full participation in the educational and teaching processes in order to facilitate the educational life of the special needs students enrolled in Istanbul Technical University regulates and covers.


ARTICLE 2 – (1) This policy was created on the basis of the relevant articles of the Disability Act, published in the Official Journal of July 7th, 2005 under number 25868, and the Disability Advice and Coordination Ordinance of the Universities, published in the Official Journal of August 14th, /2010 and numbered 27672.


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ITU Equal Opportunity Education Directive for Students with Special Needs and the revised ITU Disability Support Office Directive


The ITU Disability Support Office (DSO) is tasked with providing students who have special needs due to specific disabilities (Temporary and Permanent) with equal access to university resources and services and providing an environment that supports their development. The working procedures and principles of the ITU Disability Support Offices have been established in order to reorganize the physical conditions of the campus depending on the special needs of students with disabilities and academic accessibility in accordance with Articles 11 and 12 of the Regulation on the Solidarity and Coordination of Improving people with disabilities in higher education, which was approved in 2006 and revised in 2010.


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Established in 2017 and restructured in 2022, the ITU Disability Support Office/University Commission, which consists of faculty members focused on accessibility and inclusive design at the university, the ITU Disability Support Office Coordinator, and the representatives of the administrative units of the Rectorate, continues its studies for the purpose of quality planning of inclusive services. The number of PCG experts for Psychological Counselling and Guidance services are the core members of the DSO units and commission.


Disability Support Office aims to provide students with disabilities at our university equal access to the facilities and services of the university; creating an environment supportive of disabled students' academic, social, personal, and career development.


The objective of the unit is: to identify the needs of students with disabilities in various areas and the difficulties they face, providing services and programs that help meet their identified needs and the difficulties they face, to eliminate; and evaluating the effectiveness of those services. Development, presentation and evaluation of support services for educators to help them provide the physical, academic and social support their disabled students need. Development, presentation and evaluation of services aimed at raising staff and student disability awareness and sensitivity. In order to achieve our goal, DSO needs the cooperation of all units of the university.