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ITU Libraries

The ITU Library System aims to provide the necessary information for the educational, teaching, and research activities carried out at ITU in a fast, effective, and efficient manner, utilizing modern resources and systems. Organized at 5 campuses and 8 locations, the ITU Library System actively serves as a vital "stakeholder" in the educational, teaching, and research activities conducted at ITU through contemporary library services. ITU Libraries possess a rich collection of information and documents, including over 1 million publications, with 564,923 e-books, 96,978 e-journals, 42,596 visual materials, 6,000 rare works, 7,500 maps, over 200 databases, and 5 million electronic theses.


Under the umbrella of the Library and Documentation Directorate, there is a central library, the "Mustafa İnan Library (open 24/7)," and 7 branch libraries. (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ragıp Berker Library, Center for Advanced Studies in Music Library, Faculty of Architecture Library, Faculty of Maritime Affairs Library, Faculty of Management Library, School of Foreign Languages Library, Conservatory Library).













Our graduates enjoy lifelong free access to our libraries and computers. Additionally, students and academics from other universities can access our educational resources with daily entrance passes or yearly guest memberships. In 2022, 75 students and academics from other universities utilized our library resources, which gives free access through campus facilities and equipment.


Moreover, we facilitate resource sharing through our free Inter Library Loan system, with 213 resources/publications shared with other libraries and academicians, which gives free access through campus facilities.


All of our Master's and PhD theses are accessible to the public at no cost through. In 2022, our dissertations were accessed 1,254,831 times.