ITU is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and equal treatment in education and employment. ITU as a body provides support to the staff, students and faculty members from underrepresented groups.


●      ITU founded the Women's Studies Center in Science, Engineering and Technology (KAUM in Turkish) to support and enhance gender equality in science, engineering, technology and art.


●      Mentoring services are provided by ITU alumni for underrepresented groups.


●      ITU has a Disabled Students Unit which supports the underrepresented groups in the university. The Unit offers various disability supports. All students who want to benefit from this service can get detailed information by contacting our unit. (also see: Accessible facilities and services for people with disabilities)


“We care about working in cooperation with the authorized units to develop solutions for all our stakeholders who work as academic or administrative staff at our University and who encounter physical and digital accessibility problems in their workplaces so that the differences can be transformed into the richness of our corporate culture.”


●      Accessible and Barrier-Free University Commission of Sustainable Office carries out events and research projects to advance the facilities of ITU.


●      ITU has a Coordinatorship of Scholars and Dormitories to prevent relatively cheap and comfortable accommodations for low-income students. The distributed scholarship amount is published in ITU annual reports. There is a point system to gain accommodation priority which supports underrepresented groups.



●    Diversity at ITU is celebrated in every department. To pursue an inclusive ITU where everybody feels welcomed and at home students and staff are supported through counseling. ITU members can book a free appointment with ITU psychological counseling and guidance Center.