1- ITU Electric Vehicle Team (ITUEV)

ITUEV was first established on 2014 by Mechanical Engineering Dep. students and then was transferred to Electrical Engineering Dep. at December 2016. The academic advisor of the team is Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Derya Ahmet KOCABAŞ since December 2016 and team studies are carried out in the Electrical Machinery Laboratory which is the biggest university lab of its kind in Turkey. There are more than 30 students from more than 10 faculties and departments.

The team’s vision is to design environmentally friendly, energy efficient battery powered electric vehicles keeping up with the world standards and to contribute to sustainability and productivity. The team’s mission is to represent ITU in both domestic and international energy efficient electric car competitions and to win championships and prizes. Close future goal of the team is to build hydrogen fuel-cell powered electric cars and autonomous vehicles.

The actual targeted competitions are Shell Eco-Marathon and TÜBITAK Efficiency Challenge. Last appearances of the team were Shell Eco-Marathon Assen-Groningen, Netherlands (June 2022) and TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge, Körfez-Kocaeli, (July 2022).

ITUEV mainly designs high power density batteries, battery management systems, motor driver circuits, motor control software, both traditional and new generation electric motors, all wiring, mechanical parts of the car including drive-wheel, chassis, shell, roll-cage and roll-bar, several 3D printed parts including door-locks. Self-design and/or self-production ratio of the team is approximately 95%.





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Our ITU ZES Solar Car Team made our country proud by making it to the top three in the iLumen European Solar Challenge 2022 in Belgium.


News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office


Istanbul Technical University (ITU) has added a new one to the awards won by student project teams one after the other. The iLumen European Solar Challenge 2022 (iESC 2022), considered one of the most challenging competitions in its field, was held in Belgium on 17-18 September 2022 this year. ITU ZES Solar Car Team was awarded the third place in the “24 Hours Stage” of this international competition in which it represented our country.


The third team with the most laps in the competition


Competing with its vehicle called ARIBA ZES X, ITU ZES Solar Car Team made 257 laps in 24 hours and became the third team with the most laps in the competition. Commenting on the success of the team, team advisor Asst. Prof. Dr. Alper Tolga Çalık stated that they prepared for the competition with great devotion and discipline and said that this success is the reward for their great effort. Reminding the grand prepatory tour they took on the route that started from Istanbul and continued through Bursa, Eskişehir, Konya, and Ankara before the competition, Dr. Çalık told about what happened before and during the European Solar Car Competition as follows: “This grand tour we took with ‘ARIBA ZES X’ before the competition in order to give the next generations the message that a better world is possible was a good test and source of motivation for us. We believe that this tour played a significant role in our success in the European Solar Car Competition. We experienced the privilege of being from ITU. We would like to thank our team for making our university proud and all our supporters, especially our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, who did not leave our team alone on this path and believed in us.”

It was noted that ITU ZES Solar Car Team aims to return with a degree from the prestigious Australian Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC 2023) competition in the solar powered vehicles category in 2023.

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Our Vision 


Absorbed a dynamic, investigative and sharing spirit, Able to use and develop clean energy and advanced technologies, Able to actively serve the country's industry, proficient in educating engineers in the field of national and international ITU and is to represent Turkey in the best way.


Our Mission


  • On the direction of the future, alternative energy sources; To do R&D work in the field of mechanics, materials and electrical-electronics,
  • To build a clean future by instilling the spirit of alternative energy in our youth,
  • To produce tools and by converting them into practice by accumulating theoretical knowledge,
  • To improve the understanding of quality and to ensure the regular progress of quality,
  • To be in domestic, quality and purchasing process at international standards.


With ARIBA Autonomous II, our ITU solar car team became the most successful team in the Teknofest Robotaksi - Passenger Autonomous Vehicle Competition

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