The Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory is running an art and science activity program under the title BİSED (Bilimsel ve Sanatsal Etkinlikleri Destekleme) for over ten years. These activities are open to the public and are organized in the 120-seat BİSED Hall in Maçka very close to the cultural center of Istanbul. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, some events ran online.

ITU TMDK has a structure where science and art meet under the same roof with its seven undergraduate programs, and the protection and transfer of cultural heritage is one of the primary objectives of the institution.


During the COVID-19 epidemic, in which cultural and artistic productions were restricted, spatial differences were no longer an obstacle with the power of the online environment. With publications such as TMDK Evenings, it has become events where old and new teachers meet under the roof of ITU and make a note of history with our artist graduates. These broadcasts are kept open to everyone on the TMDK Youtube channel, which has approximately 3 thousand subscribers.

12 January 2021-ITU TMDK Evenings | Our Culture and Art Climate and ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory

26 January 2021-ITU TMDK Evenings | At the Roots of a Sycamore

February 9, 2021-ITU TMDK Evenings | Reflected From Us

February 23, 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | Time Travel with Yücel Paşmakçı

March 23, 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | Turkish Music in the 20th Century

March 30, 2021- ITU TMDK Evenings | Meşk Culture in Turkish Music

6 April 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | An Istanbul Kemençe

March 26, 2021- A Unique Interpretation “Melihat Gülses”

20 April 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | An Istanbul Classic in Turkish Music

21 May 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | Atî, whose root is in the past, "Wake up O My Eyes"

22 June 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | A Propeller for Love

October 26, 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | Classical Music Lover

9 November 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | On Istanbul Music

23 November 2021- İTÜ TMDK Evenings | On Cello and Polyphony

December 7, 2021- ITU TMDK Evenings | Witness and Forerunner of an Era


In addition to these 14 online events held in 2021, different scientific events and projects were also carried out, providing a basis for the preservation, transfer and up-to-date discussion of cultural heritage.

 For example, the two-day "Traditional and Current Discussions in Makam Theory" panel series consisting of five sessions, in which the studies in the field of makam theory were addressed as a whole, were held on March 25-26, 2021. Studies that reveal traditional and contemporary approaches under the titles of "Maqam Theory and Analysis", "History, Tradition and Method", "Frequency Analysis in Turkish Music Studies", "Maqam Theory in Conservatory Education" were presented to the interested parties.

 In addition, the “Digitization of the Cultural Heritage of Turkish Music” project supported by the Creative Industries Financial Support Program of the Istanbul Development Agency is one of the important steps taken to protect the cultural heritage and transfer it to future generations. With this project, it is aimed to strengthen the representation of Turkish Music in the world and to reach large masses, and to transfer our cultural heritage to future generations by transferring it to digital platforms.

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