Renewable Energy in ITU

Istanbul Technical University provides some of its electricity from renewable energy. There are solar panels on the roof of the Graduate Education Institute and the ITU Abdulhakim Sancak Mosque on the campus, next to the ITU Arı Technopolis Arı 3 Building. It also uses solar energy for street lighting. Renewable energy systems provide almost 40kw/h energy in Istanbul Technical University.

 ITU as a body has an Energy Management Directive which aims to establish policies for the effective use of energy by increasing energy efficiency in existing and newly planned buildings, conducting energy audits to identify areas where energy waste is high, reducing investments in carbon-intensive energy industries, especially coal and oil, to protect the environment and increase efficiency in the use of energy resources within the responsibility and authority of the ITU Rectorate.

ITU thrives on increasing the number of sustainable buildings in terms of water and energy efficiency. Minimizing water use is one of the main objectives of the new constructions. LEED standards are considered in water efficiency. Within this scope, water-efficient fixtures have been installed in these buildings, and rainwater harvesting is carried out. Greywater use is another practice aiming for water efficiency. Lastly, regular flushers and fixtures have also been replaced with water-efficient flushers and photoelectric sensors. The share of water-efficient flushers is now around 50%. Two new buildings (Information Technologies and Agro–Informatics Research Center Buildings) on the campus had applications to get a LEED certification. Informatics Research Center Building has taken the LEED certification."