Track Organic Food Waste in ITU

The use of water is affected by the campus population which varies in ITU due to its public facilities. Along with students and employees, many local people enter the university campuses throughout the day. Therefore, the food waste is greatly affected by the visitors’ activities. Additionally, due to the covid-19 restrictions there is a fluctuation in the amount of food waste.

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Targeting zero hunger among students and staff

ITU serves soup -free of charge- every morning. Students may have their soup at the entrance of the campus.

Dining-hall of ITU


Lunch- Dinner Menu and Price

https://twitter.com/itu1773/status/1464189224085856257 (BEECORBA –Free soup in ITU)

Breakfast in ITU 

  • Targeting zero hunger among students and staff-2
  • Targeting zero hunger among students and staff

Please see the following links to find more about food services in ITU.

ITU  provide interventions to prevent hunger  

ITU Lunch Scholarship was provided for 2534 student in 2021. The university is asking the alumni and current members if they can donate for lunch scholarship and 550,000 TL scholarship collected since April 2022.  Also, 608.753 TL for lunch scholorship and 240.730 TL for accommodation scholorship have been collected.


Food scholarships are provided by our University's Scholarships and Dormitories Coordinatorship so that our students who are studying at our university and experiencing financial difficulties can benefit from the lunch service offered in the cafeteria of our University's Health, Culture and Sports Department free of charge.

Detailed information can be found on the webpage that is provided as evidence. 



Sustainable and affordable food choices for all

All food outlets contain various sustainable food chocices. Four kitchens and twenty one cafeteria of different capacities are affiliated at all the Istanbul Technical University Campuses in dining halls affiliated to the Catering Branch Directorate. Those facilities can be used as a main alternative in vegan and catering meals within the scope of the main course. In Dining Halls Affiliated to the Catering Branch Directorate, vegetarian main dishes include wheat, bulgur, flour, etc. from their recipes. By removing raw materials, it will be suitable for use or sensitive abrasion with gluten sensitivity. It benefits from Vegan/Vegetarian options at the same price as other options. Alternative options are available in different cafeterias. Detailed information on pricing is given in the document. https://sks.itu.edu.tr/yemek-saatleri-fiyatlari

Learning food security and sustainable agriculture in ITU

There are 5249  graduates with 67 graduates of them graduating from agriculture and aquaculture courses including sustainability aspects.

Recently, Safe and Sustainable Food Commission of ITU has established a special event on World Food Day, which is open to public and free so that interested local farmers and producers can participate. Graduates of Food Engineering Department who are also local producers and entreprenuers gave speeches at the event.

ITU welcomes local farmers and food producers  

The Food Service System of ITU prefers to use products from local food sources. Additionally, members of Food Engineering Department has worked in two collaborative research projects with Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies – Fruit Research Institute. Project topics include determination of quality criteria of agricultural products and supply chain-oriented determination of Breeding Goals. Project topics and related evidence can be found in the document. Also, detailed information on local collaboration for food purchase in ITU is available in the documents