1-Autonomous Boat of ITU (BEE-Ast)

We shared the excitement of our students. We launched BEE-Ast, the new boat of our ITU Autonomous Boat Team, with a ceremony held at ITU Pond.

I would like to thank their advisors who always support them ,Assoc. Prof Derya Ahmet Kocabaş, and our sponsors. 

  • BEE-Ast-3
  • BEE-Ast-1
  • BEE-Ast
  • BEE-Ast-4
  • BEE-Ast-2

2- 100% Electric Vehicle of ITU (Deha Tech BeElecttric 02)

A 100% electric vehicle named "Deha Tech BeElectric 02" was developed by the students of Istanbul Technical University (ITU) with the support of Baykar and the Defense Industry Presidency. Developed with the support of institutions and companies such as Baykar, Presidency of Defense Industries, TUSAŞ, BMC, Zipkar and Deha Tech, the vehicle with an 80 kilowatt engine is exhibited at the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival TEKNOFEST BLACK.

Pointing out that they realized their designs with the support of Turkey's big defense industry companies, Cayan Baykal said, "We worked with the big defense industry companies of our country while doing this job. In fact, it was a study that we put forward as the best example of university-industry cooperation. While making this production, we did it in accordance with the book without skipping any aviation standard steps. Our vehicle is an electric Formula Student vehicle. In this sense, the Formula Student vehicle in our country has been produced with a hybrid monocoque chassis. It can produce 330 newton meters of torque. Together with the transmission ratio, a thousand- newton meters torque to the wheels. It can go from 0 to 100 kilometers in 3 seconds. Theoretically, its maximum speed is around 247 kilometers per hour. "

  • Deha Tech BeElecttric 04
  • Deha Tech BeElecttric 03
  • Deha Tech BeElecttric 02
  • Deha Tech BeElecttric 02-5


Starting Date: 22 February 2022, 09:00

Ending Date: 22 February 2022, 17:00

Location: Süleyman Demirel Culture Center, İstanbul Technical University, Ayazaga Campus

The Electric vehicles summit, which will be held for the 6th time this term by the electrical engineering club, will be held at ITU SDKM on Monday, February 28. The event will last for 1 day; You will have the chance to visually examine both the vehicle sets in our school and the electric vehicles coming from outside.



At the ITU Electric Vehicles Summit, the potential of electric land, air vehicles and rail systems for the world and our country is evaluated, attention is drawn to investments in this field and shedding light on our future. In addition, electric car teams are given the opportunity to introduce themselves, providing an environment where those interested in the subject can exchange ideas. We also aim to provide participants with different perspectives through workshops.

URL: https://ari24.com/etkinlik/elektrikli-araclar-zirvesi-5717