Proportion of students receiving financial aid to attend university because of poverty


Istanbul Technical University (ITU) recognizes the transformative power of education and is deeply committed to breaking down barriers that hinder equal access to higher learning. One of the significant challenges faced by aspiring students is the financial hurdle preventing them from attending university. ITU, understand that poverty should never be a deterrent to education. Our dedication is reflected in the proportion of our students who receive substantial financial aid, ensuring that their dreams of pursuing higher education can become a reality. We gauge this commitment through a comprehensive evaluation of full-time equivalent students across both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


At Istanbul Technical University, we have established the “The Scholarships and Dormitories Coordination Office” under the direct auspices of the Office of the Rector to manage student scholarships and dormitory affairs. The mission of this center is to minimize the financial challenges faced by students and provide equal opportunities for all. As the ITU Directorate of Scholarships and Dormitories, we work tirelessly to create a safe and supportive learning environment for our students. Together, we empower each student within the ITU community to explore their capabilities and embark on a bright future.