ITU as a body has a Water Management Directive , which protects water resources on the campus and prevents polluted water from entering the water system. In this way, water systems are not affected by any kind of failure. All infrastructures about stormwater and wastewater are separated from each other. The whole generated wastewater is collected from the buildings and conveyed out of the campus. The collected wastewater is received by Baltalimanı Wastewater Treatment Plant which is operated by Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration. A screenshot and plan view was given showing the campus and Baltalimanı Wastewater Treatment Plant.



ITU thrives to build its new additions to the campus sustainably. Therefore, the water is treated according to LEED standards. Two new buildings (Information Technologies and Agro – Informatics Research Center Buildings) on the campus have applications to get a LEED certification and the water use is minimised according to LEED standards.