In the Middle of the Taksim, center of the Istanbul metropolis, seeds are growing in the vegetable beds. All seeds are local heirloom species. Volunteer students took a “Ecological Living and Introduction to Permaculture” course from the Buğday volunteers in the campus. After the theory session, they started six leveraged beds. This initiation was a part of the “Nature friendly Urban Gardens – Seeds to the Campus” project by Buğday. No pesticides or any kind of chemicals were used in the process that would harm the ecosystem. Naz Buse Yılmaz, one of the volunteers of the project tells “I was asking to myself, how can I change a huge system on my own? Every day of our livings, we come across with humanity crises, we can’t deny this. One of the most critical of these is the food crisis”, “Taşkışla vegetable garden gave me a new perspective and made me think on these issues”. More on this: http://www.yesilkampus.itu.edu.tr/blog/yesil-kampus/2016/03/03/taskisla-bostani


This project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: