(13 Jun 2022)

The ITU Alumni Turkish Music Ensemble (ITUMTMT) Concert, supported by the Uşak Municipality, took place on May 27, 2022, with ITUMTMT choir member Göksel Ekmekçi as the host. H. Reşit Öz, a member of ITUMTMT and the President of the Ege Associations Union, expressed his pleasure in bringing together the choir and the people of Uşak in his opening speech, thanking those involved and those who hosted the choir.


Please visit the website for the details: https://haberler.itu.edu.tr/haberdetay/2022/06/13/itu-mezunlari-turk-muzigi-toplulugu-usakta-konser-verdiitu-alumni-turkish-music-ensemble-gives-a-concert-in-usak