(07 Dec 2022)

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) continues to create new areas where students can work more comfortably and to improve existing areas. In this context, the computer laboratory and study area of our Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering were renovated. “Yıldız Eren Computer Laboratory and Study Area”, renovated with the support of Yıldız Eren and Eren Eren, was opened to the service of our students with a ceremony held on December 6. The study hall and computer laboratory, organized with a comprehensive project and renovation, will provide a new, ergonomic and modern study environment for all ITU students, especially the students of the Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering.


Please visit the website for the details:  https://haberler.itu.edu.tr/en/newsdetail/2022/12/07/itu-chemical-metallurgical-engineering-faculty-s-computer-laboratory-is-in-service-with-its-new-face