(13 Apr 2022)

The record archive that Çağlan Tekil left to future generations took its place in the Record Room, established within Istanbul Technical University Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music (ITU MIAM), on 7 April. In the section created under the name “Çağlan Tekil Collection”, music books and magazines belonging to Çağlan Tekil were opened to the use of visitors at ITU MIAM Dr. Erol Üçer Music Library.

After Borusan Music Library’s joining ITU MIAM Dr. Erol Üçer Music Library in 2014, the content of the library diversified and enriched with the donation of Çağlan Tekil’s music archive in 2020. The inclusion process of Çağlan Tekil’s archive in ITU MİAM Dr. Erol Üçer Music Library took one year and 1,274 records, 174 books and 5 serials were added to the library inventory.

Please visit the website for the details:  https://haberler.itu.edu.tr/en/newsdetail/2022/04/13/çaglan-tekil-music-collection-is-entrusted-to-itu-miam