Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Toward the end of 2019, many kids and youngsters were still out of school, and the greater part of those in school was not satisfying the least capability guidelines in perusing and numeracy. Schools' conclusion to slow the spread of COVID-19 is adversely affecting learning results and the social and conduct advancement of youngsters. It has influenced more than 90% of the world's understudy populace with around 1.5 billion children. Albeit far-off, learning is given to numerous understudies, youngsters, and children in powerless and hindered networks. For example, those living in far off zones, extraordinary destitution, delicate states, and outcast camps do not have similar access to it. The computerized separation will augment existing holes in correspondence as to instruction.

The accompanying examination ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the mean to guarantee comprehensive and fair quality instruction and advance long-lasting learning open doors for all. ITU hosts several studies to tackle with quality of education problem, especially among children who live in poverty.

These tasks and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.


Important Inventions from Our Faculty Member

ITU Environmental Engineering Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Orhan İnce and his team made two important inventions. (17 Aug 2022)

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International Photopolymer Science Symposium at ITU

Istanbul Technical University is hosting the 7th European Photopolymer Science Symposium. The symposium, which began with the opening speech by our Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, on September 19th, will last for four days. (19 Sep 2022)

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10th International Symposium on Atmospheric Sciences at ITU

The 10th International Symposium on Atmospheric Sciences 2022 (ATMOS ’22), which is organized by ITU Department of Meteorological Engineering and the only event in its field in our country, was held at the TAV Conference Room in ITU Ayazağa Campus on 18-21 October. (20 Oct 2022)

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11th International Nano-Satellite Symposium at ITU

ITU hosted the 11th International Nano-Satellite Symposium on 17-19 October. Following the symposium, Preliminary Workshop for the 8th Mission Idea Contest for Multiple Nano-Satellites was held on October 19, and the 8th UNISEC Global Meeting was held on October 19-21. (19 Oct 2022)

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STEM’s Summit at ITU: “For a Sustainable Future”

STEM’s (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Summit, organized by ITU Department of Management Engineering and ITU GINOVA, was held at ITU Ayazağa Campus SDCC on December 6-7. The summit, organized with the motto “For a sustainable future”, featured presentations and trainings combining entrepreneurship and innovation with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. (08 Dec 2022)

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Achievement of ITU Faculty of Architecture Students in AYDA 2022

ITU students achieved a great success in AYDA Awards 2022, the Asia Young Designer Awards competition organized by Nippon Paint. According to the results announced on November 5, ITU Department of Interior Architecture student Elif Nur Bora won the first place in AYDA Türkiye 2022, while many of our students achieved various degrees. (08 Nov 2022)

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Georg Forster Research Award to Our Faculty Member

ITU Faculty of Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Food Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Esra Çapanoğlu Güven was deemed worthy of Georg Forster Research Award, given to only ten researchers worldwide every year. (04 Oct 2022)

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Opening Lecture at ITU Vocational School by Our Rector

ITU Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School started the new academic year with an opening lecture on 'Sustainability' delivered by our Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu. (14 Sep 2022)

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Open Science Initiatives at ITU

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Library continues its efforts to create a more transparent and collaborative environment for scientific research. Within the scope of open science initiatives, the goal is to make publications, data, and all the details related to the research process easily accessible, with the aim of liberating science. (13 Jan 2022)

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Mentorship and Tutorial Center Opened

The 'Mentorship and Tutorial Center,' established by Istanbul Technical University's Faculty of Maritime and the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Maritime (DEFAMED YDO), was inaugurated in a ceremony. (26 Feb 2022)

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Third Prize to Our Student at the Chess Championship

Our Computer Engineering Department student Çiğdem Onur came third in the 2022 Arzum Turkey Women’s Chess Championship held between 5-11 March 2022. (16 Mar 2022)

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Our Faculty Member’s European Union Project was Selected Good Practice Example

The European Union project titled I-BEE-VR conducted by ITU Department of Electrical Engineering faculty member Prof. Dr. Lale Tükenmez Ergene was completed successfully. (01 Apr 2022)

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Research-Oriented Learning Symposium for EELISA at ITU

Within the scope of the European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), a Research-Oriented Learning Symposium will be held on May 17-18 at İTÜ Ayazağa Campus, Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. (13 May 2022)

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ITU is Among the Top 250 Universities in the World for Graduate Employment

Times Higher Education (THE), higher education HR consultancy Emerging, has announced the list of 250 universities providing the best employment. Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ranked 206th on the list. ITU raised the bar for success in the list it entered from 207th place last year.

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ITU Projects Receive Financial Support

Students and academicians dreaming to start a project have a high chance to receive financial support in İTÜ. In the past year İTÜ received many financial supports for its project in various departments.

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Thursday Seminar Series “Water and Climate”

ITU Landscape Architecture Department’s Thursday Seminar Series “Water and Climate” is hosting Matthew Bradbury on December 16 at 09:30 o’clock.

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In-Service Training for Unit Personnel Working in Student Affairs Offices

ITU Corporate Academy organized in-service training programs for the personnel working in the Student Affairs offices of our university between October 20 and November 18, 2021.

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İTÜ Graduate School Interdisciplinary Urban Design Program

Urban Design Master Program is an interdisciplinary program affiliated with the Urban Design Department of the İTÜ Graduate School, carried out in cooperation with the Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture Departments of the Faculty of Architecture.

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Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Diagnostics Workshop

Based on the bilateral cooperation protocol signed between the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) and İTÜ, the international workshop named “NUCLEAR POWER PLANT SAFETY AND DIAGNOSTICS WORKSHOP” was held between 6-10 May 2019, hosted by İTÜ Energy Institute.

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A new Academic English course has been opened on the Sustainable Development Goals!

Course can be taken by any ITU students passing the ITU SFL English Proficiency Exam with a score of 60-74.

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ITU is Going Beyond!

We like conveying the education expertise of ITU out of the campus boundaries.

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ITU for everyone!

Life-long learning for everybody

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Online Courses and Public Lecture Materials

We offer a wide range of online courses and access to lectures free of charge.

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We are Going Beyond

ITU is taking responsibility in the public education.

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Socially Assistive Robotics in ITU as An Intervention Tool for Children with Autism

The Erasmus EMBOA project entitled “Affective loop in Socially Assistive Robotics as an intervention tool for children with autism” is a research and educational project that aims at enhancement of social robot intervention in children with autism with affective computing technologies.

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RoboRehab: Assistive Audiology Rehabilitation Robot

Another project called 'RoboRehab: Assistive Audiology Rehabilitation Robot', a TUBITAK 1001 project at ITU is to develop an affective robot companion for audiology rehabilitation and to test the system with the deaf or hard of hearing children.

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Promoting Conscious Water Use

ITU has a social responsibility project called Tears of Water (Suyun Gözyaşları in Turkish) aims to give free seminars and workshops to primary school students in order to increase the consciousness in water use.

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Gender Equality and Human Rights

ITU founded Women's Studies Center in Science, Engineering and Technology (KAUM in Turkish) to support and enhance gender equality in science, engineering, technology and art.

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Making Disabled Students’ Life Easier

ITU has a Disabled Student Unit to make disabled students' educational life easier in terms of accessing faculty buildings and mentoring.

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Conveying the Past to the Future: Traditional Arts are Alive with ITU

ITU is keeping the local and international traditional arts alive with festivals, contests and seminars.

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ITU Profession for Everyone

ITU art institutions are sharing their profession and experince via open public activities.

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Scent of the History: Buildings of ITU Campuses

ITU with its three campus buildings from the Ottoman Empire era, provides a historical atmosphere to its students and to the public.

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ITU Student Council and ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center

ITU Student Council is an official unit affiliated to the Rectorate, assuring student rights in meeting and developing the educational, health, sports and cultural needs of students at our university. ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center creates an environment for students to establish their own businesses.

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AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module: Publications and Experts

AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module supports to increase the impact of researchers' contribution within the scope of UN Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring that publications, projects, theses, and similar activities are visible at the international level./p>

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Sustainable Development Certificate Program

Some of the knowledge, skills, and competencies aimed to be acquired by the participants within the scope of this program are summarized below:

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The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA)

The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), of which Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is among its founding partners, is a European University Initiative association. the idea of the European University Initiative; It extends to the Gothenburg Summit of the Council of Europe, which took place in 2017.

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Establishment of the ITU Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works to enable our university to understand and deliver on its ambition to be leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

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Turkish Courses at ITU TÖMER

Turkish Courses of Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center (TÖMER) at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) will start on February 14, 2022. (31 Jan 2022)

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Mentoring and Study Center

The "Mentoring and Study Center", created by ITU Maritime Faculty and ITU Maritime Faculty (YDO) Alumni Association (DEFAMED), was opened with a ceremony. (26 Feb 2022)

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“Additive Thinking” Conference at ITU

The "Additive Thinking Conference" organized by the İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Additive Manufacturing Team on May 24-25, 2022, took place at the İTÜ Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center with the participation of our Vice Rector, Prof. Dr. Şule Itır Satoğlu. (27 May 2022)

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ITU 2022 Academic Performance Awards

“ITU 2022 Academic Performance Awards” were presented at a ceremony held at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. (24 May 2022)

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The 250 Years of Engineering and Architecture in Turkey

The international symposium titled "250 Years of Engineering and Architecture in Turkey" was organized at ITU. The symposium, attended by expert speakers in the field, discussed the two-and-a-half centuries of progress made by Turkey in modern engineering and architecture. (21 May 2022)

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