Based on the bilateral cooperation protocol signed between the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) and İTÜ, the international workshop named “NUCLEAR POWER PLANT SAFETY AND DIAGNOSTICS WORKSHOP” was held between 6-10 May 2019, hosted by İTÜ Energy Institute. The BFS complex, in which researches on fast reactor physics, safety problems and heart optimization, as well as sustainable closed fuel cycle research is also introduced. Systems that provide information to the reactor operator about the operation of the plant, such as the detection of refrigerant leakage, coolant boiling and drying that may occur in nuclear power plants, are introduced and the algorithms used in the evaluation of the data from these systems are discussed. The nuclear fuel cycle, which covers the purification, conversion and enrichment stages following the extraction of the uranium mine, fuel production, fuel combustion in the reactor and the management of the wastes from the reactor, and the dismantling of the facility, are covered in all details.

  • Nuclear-Power-Plant-Safety-and-Diagnostics-Workshop
  • Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Diagnostics Workshop 2