Times Higher Education (THE), higher education HR consultancy Emerging, has announced the list of 250 universities providing the best employment. Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ranked 206th on the list. ITU raised the bar for success in the list it entered from 207th place last year.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu commented on the ranking as follows:

“Istanbul Technical University, with its nearly two and a half centuries of experience and strong tradition, continues to add new ones to its national and international successes day by day. The most up-to-date ranking, made in collaboration with THE, Emerging and Trendence organizations, has been ranking global universities according to employer surveys every year since 2010. According to the survey data, in which employers around the world evaluate the employment of universities at the global level, ITU was among the top 250 universities. The ranking, which measures the level of contribution of university graduates to employment, is also based on six key factor frameworks to contribute to creating graduates employable by businesses. These are academic excellence, digital performance, focus on work, social skills and digital literacy, internationalization, and expertise.”

Please see the link for the news: https://haberler.itu.edu.tr/en/newsdetail/2021/11/26/itu-is-among-the-top-250-universities-in-the-world-for-graduate-employment