Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

The year 2019 was the second hottest on record and the hottest decade's finish, 2010 to 2019. Furthermore, with a normal worldwide temperature of 1.1°C above assessed pre-mechanical levels, the worldwide network is a distant track to meet either the 1.5 or 2°C targets called for in the Paris Agreement. Albeit ozone-depleting substance discharges are extended to drop by 6 per cent in 2020, and air quality has improved because of movement boycotts and the monetary log jam coming about because of the pandemic, the improvement is just transitory. Governments and organizations ought to use the exercises figured out to quicken the advances expected to accomplish the Paris Agreement, rethink the relationship with the climate and make fundamental movements and groundbreaking changes to bring down ozone-depleting substance discharges and atmosphere strong economies and social orders.

The accompanying examination ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 13 and the mean to make a dire move to battle environmental change and its effects. These ventures and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.



University-Industry Cooperation for Effective Fight against Forest Fires

Two BAP projects developed and carried out with the aim of “effective fight against fires” were given support with the cooperation of Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) and STFA Investment Holding Group. (12 Jan 2022)

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ITU won the “Silver Medal” for the Second Time

Istanbul Technical University received the “Silver Medal” for Environmental Impact in Sustainable Development Goals for the second time in QS 2023 World University Rankings, as it was last year. (13 Jun 2022)

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81 Billion Steps in 81 Provinces

ITU Family participated in the “81 Billion Steps in 81 Provinces” march, one of the events held on June 5, World Environment Day. (08 Jun 2022)

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Our Faculty Member’s Project Submitted to TÜBİTAK “POLAR 1001” 2022 Call Is Granted Support

Results of the scientific evaluation of projects submitted to TÜBİTAK “POLAR 1001” 2022 call were announced. Our faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatma Elif Günceli Güner’s project proposed within the framework of “POLAR 1001” is granted support. (01 Jul 2022)

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10th Türkiye Quaternary Symposium from ITU

The 10th Türkiye Quaternary Symposium, which brought together scientists from around the world in the field of Earth Sciences, was held at ITU Ayazağa Campus on 2-4 November. The symposium that focuses on the Quaternary period, the last geological period the Earth is in today, shed light on climate change and natural disasters. (04 Nov 2022)

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ITU for a Sustainable World

The subject of “sustainability” was discussed from various perspectives at the “Sustainable World” event held at ITU on 22 April Earth Day. The biodiversity tour and waste collection activity, which were held to raise awareness, was met with interest from the participants. (29 Apr 2022)

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ITU Climate Action Plan

ITU Climate Action Plan started to be prepared as of 2020. Updates are made to the plan every year.

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Thursday Seminar Series “Water and Climate”

ITU Landscape Architecture Department’s Thursday Seminar Series “Water and Climate” is hosting Matthew Bradbury on December 16 at 09:30 o’clock.

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ITU Environment, Climate and Sustainability Journal

ournal of Environment, Climate and Sustainability is an e-journal that is a continuation of the journal titled “ITU Journal-e/Water Pollution Control” published by ITU between 2005-2012.

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Seismic Resilience and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project

Project of Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change called as “Seismic Resilience and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project” is an another project. The below stated buildings are in the scope of this Project

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Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project

It is the Project by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism and Climate Change. With the project, which aims to renew 500-700 public buildings in an energy efficient way, it is aimed to combat climate change by providing energy savings, increasing comfort and reducing greenhouse gases.

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ITU Cekirdek Energy

With the İTÜ Çekirdek #Energy Program, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to introduce their innovative business ideas to the electricity distribution sector.

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Smart Combi and Air Conditioner

The Cosa smart combi and air conditioner kit has been produced and commercially avaliable in the market as a sucsses from İTÜ Arı Teknokent.

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ITU Arı Teknokent

There are 50 energy related companies providing new/innovative/efficienct solutions in the all fields of energy.

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Cycling city and pedestrian priority in Istanbul ITU

Within the scope of the project, ITU expanded the specially allocated bicycle and electric scooter lanes within the campus.

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Sustainability Awareness in ITU

This project help to increase student’s awareness about sustainability and other environmental goals such as SDGs. Individual attempts are not enough.

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A Game of Climate Change: CAMAPOLI

A climate change, adaptation and mitigation game based in Istanbul

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Open Digital Innovation Hub

This research aims to build a self-sustaining house which will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for the entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Studies on Arctic, Antarctic, Ocean and Marine Sciences

İTÜ has established a Polar Research Center called ITU PolRec. The center has a National Antarctic Science Team which has mission is to conduct intercollegiate and international studies on Arctic, Antarctic, Ocean and Marine Sciences.

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İTÜ Green Campus Project

İTÜ has declared several ambitious targets and projects concerning increase the use of zero emission vehicles, pedestrians’ paths and bicycle roads.

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We are Managing Our Waste

Waste production and recycling is controlled under Turkish Government and İTÜ policies.

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A sustainable Water Strategy Model: HIDROTURK

Shortly abbreviated as HIDROTURK, the project entitled “Development of Turkey-Specific Hydrology, Water Quality and Ecology Modeling Tools for Sustainable Management of Water Resources” is carried out by İTÜ in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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İTÜ projected the first Super City of Turkey!

A team from İTÜ designed “zero energy, zero waste and self-sufficient ecological city that produces its own needs” in Eskisehir Kocakır.

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Protection of Species and Biodiversity

İTÜ conducts different works to maintain and extend existing ecosystems. In order to maintain the biodiversity in the campus, many experts and academicians in different fields are collaborating.

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AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module: Publications and Experts

AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module supports to increase the impact of researchers' contribution within the scope of UN Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring that publications, projects, theses, and similar activities are visible at the international level./p>

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Sustainable Development Certificate Program

Some of the knowledge, skills, and competencies aimed to be acquired by the participants within the scope of this program are summarized below:

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The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA)

The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), of which Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is among its founding partners, is a European University Initiative association. the idea of the European University Initiative; It extends to the Gothenburg Summit of the Council of Europe, which took place in 2017.

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Establishment of the ITU Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works to enable our university to understand and deliver on its ambition to be leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

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