Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Seas and fisheries kept on supporting the worldwide populace's financial, social and natural needs while enduring unreasonable exhaustion, ecological decay, and carbon dioxide immersion and fermentation. Ebb and flow endeavors to ensure key marine conditions and little scope fishers and put resources into sea science are not yet meeting the critical need to secure this tremendous, delicate asset.

The accompanying exploration ventures have been explicitly adjusted to Sustainable Development Goal 14 and the intend to monitor and economically utilize the seas, oceans and marine assets for practical turn of events. These ventures and activities are instances of the University's commitment to the SDGs.



ITU Climate Action Plan

ITU Climate Action Plan started to be prepared as of 2020. Updates are made to the plan every year.

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Traditional Fish Day at ITU Maritime Faculty

Traditional Fish Day, organized by ITU Maritime Faculty, brought together faculty members, alumni, students and their families. On the 138th Fish Day, held at ITU Tuzla Campus on December 10, the opening of Lifeboat Life Saving and Training Center was also made. (12 Dec 2022)

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ITU Architecture Students’ Success in MimED 2022

ITU Department of Architecture students have achieved a significant success in the 21st Awards for Architecture Students competition. The works of our students won 12 out of 20 awards by leaving their competitors behind in the competition in which 433 projects from 53 different universities participated. (22 Dec 2022)eam, which waved the flag of our country and the banner of our university in Singapore, was remarkable. (30 Sep 2022)

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ITU AUV Team is the World Champion

ITU AUV team became the world champion in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition held in Singapore and made us proud. The joy of our team, which waved the flag of our country and the banner of our university in Singapore, was remarkable. (30 Sep 2022)

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Activities for World Bee Day and World Biodiversity Day from Istanbul Technical University

May 20th, World Bee Day, and May 22nd, World Biodiversity Day, were celebrated at Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) with a multitude of activities. With the participation of our Rector, Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu, our faculty members and students organized a nature walk around the İTÜ Ayazağa Campus Pond to raise awareness about biodiversity loss. (23 May 2022)

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The Project by ITU Scientists will Shed Light on the Trace of Life on Mars

The project carried out by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and scientists from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to determine the microbial ecology of Lake Salda will trace life on Mars. (24 Feb 2022)

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Our Faculty Member’s Project Submitted to TÜBİTAK “POLAR 1001” 2022 Call Is Granted Support

Results of the scientific evaluation of projects submitted to TÜBİTAK “POLAR 1001” 2022 call were announced. Our faculty member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatma Elif Günceli Güner’s project proposed within the framework of “POLAR 1001” is granted support. (01 Jul 2022)

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“Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge” Workshop Starts on 17 March

The II. workshop of “Water in Istanbul: Rising to the Challenge” project, for which Istanbul Technical University lecturer Dr. Çiğdem Özkan Aygün is a co-investigator and directs the field studies, will be held on 17 March. (16 Mar 2022)

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Water in Istanbul workshop will be held on 24 November

ITU and BIAA will take place “The 4th Workshop on Rainwater Collection in Public Spaces” in Istanbul. The workshop, which will be held as part of the “Water in Istanbul” project, will bring together many public institutions addressing water management in Istanbul. (23 Nov 2022)

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World Water Day Program at ITU

The program on “The Future of Water” was held on 22 March World Water Day with the participation of Prof. Dr. Zekai Şen, who is known for his important studies in the field. (23 Mar 2022)

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Sustainability Awareness in ITU

This project help to increase student’s awareness about sustainability and other environmental goals such as SDGs. Individual attempts are not enough.

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A sustainable Water Strategy Model: HIDROTURK

Shortly abbreviated as HIDROTURK, the project entitled “Development of Turkey-Specific Hydrology, Water Quality and Ecology Modeling Tools for Sustainable Management of Water Resources” is carried out by İTÜ in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Open Digital Innovation Hub

This research aims to build a self-sustaining house which will serve as an Open Digital Innovation Hub (ODIH) for the entrepreneurs and researchers.

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Studies on Arctic, Antarctic, Ocean and Marine Sciences

İTÜ has established a Polar Research Center called ITU PolRec. The center has a National Antarctic Science Team which has mission is to conduct intercollegiate and international studies on Arctic, Antarctic, Ocean and Marine Sciences.

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We are Managing Our Waste

Waste production and recycling is controlled under Turkish Government and İTÜ policies.

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AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module: Publications and Experts

AVESIS "Sustainable Development Goals" module supports to increase the impact of researchers' contribution within the scope of UN Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring that publications, projects, theses, and similar activities are visible at the international level./p>

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Sustainable Development Certificate Program

Some of the knowledge, skills, and competencies aimed to be acquired by the participants within the scope of this program are summarized below:

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The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA)

The European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA), of which Istanbul Technical University (ITU) is among its founding partners, is a European University Initiative association. the idea of the European University Initiative; It extends to the Gothenburg Summit of the Council of Europe, which took place in 2017.

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Establishment of the ITU Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office works to enable our university to understand and deliver on its ambition to be leading socially responsible and sustainable university.

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Detecting Marine Pollution in the Northern Region of the Istanbul Strait” Project Received First Prize

Istanbul Technical University and ICA Collaborative Project for Detecting Marine Pollution in the Northern Region of the Istanbul Strait won first place in the "Green Transformation" category at the 2022 "Common Futures Awards" organized by TİSK.

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