İTÜ is a big family with more than 35,000 students and 4,000 staff (academic and administrative). We try to make sure that every individual in the campus has access to basic living needs. As for the students, our university provides supports on food, housing, transportation and legal services for students from low income families. As for the staff, we are subject to the regulations of the government as a public university. The Government Code 657 of the Republic of Turkey assures gender equality in pay scales and forbids forced and child labor. The code is also accepted by the International Labor Law.

İTÜ has a directive and a code of practice to prevent gender discrimination (please click). The aim of the directive is to support academic, administrative, and contract personnel working part-time or full-time for Istanbul Technical University or its associated units and İTÜ students in matters of sexual harassment and gender discrimination and seek solutions.

This project addresses the following Sustainable Development Goals: