Sustainable Development Expertise Certificate Programme in partnership with ITU Sustainability Office and Continuing Education Center started on 10 may! The Expertise Certificate Programme consists of 6 main modules with a team of experts in the field to cover the entire objectives of Sustainable Development Goals. First module was completed with a high attendance of 18 people!

Four courses were organized in the "Sustainable Cities and Communities/Urban Opportunities" section as a module 1!

On Tuesday (10 may), the first lesson was to meet participants in the title "Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Urbanization" and introduce the content of the program.

"Smart cities" in lesson 2, third lesson focused on “Sustainability and Affordibility of Housing” and the “Urban Public Areas, Sustainable Waterfront Management and Urban Ecosystem” as the last course of first module.

As of Tuesday (May 17), the theme "Social Sustainability/Sustainable Economic Growth", has begun as a second module.