In the documentary where Sıla Ünlü İntepe deals with the interactions of mega city Istanbul with non-human populations, İTÜ Pond Ecosystem also meets the audience with the narration of İTÜ Eurasia Earth Sciences Institute Faculty Member Dr. Emrah Çoraman.

Filmmaker Sıla Ünlü İntepe's documentary "Animalium Istanbul" looks at the socio-biological interaction of humans and non-human populations in the Anthropocene mega city of Istanbul; It examines the adaptation of animals to city life in Istanbul. In this context, an important contribution to the documentary was made by ITU Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, Evolution and Ecology Department Faculty Member Dr. It came from Emrah Çoraman. In the documentary, Çoraman tells about the place and importance of ITU Pond in Istanbul's urban ecosystem. The "Past Present Istanbul" exhibition featuring the documentary can be seen at the Sabancı Museum until 28 November 2021.

Animalium İstanbul | Sıla Ünlü İntepe

"With her work, a product of a long observation process, the artist investigates the transformation of animal habitats in Istanbul and its surroundings and the socio-biological interaction between non-human and human populations in the Anthropocene. The documentary, which is not limited to stray cats and dogs, covers many species that we don’t come across in our daily life. It traces the physiological and behavioral changes occurring in urbanized animals due to anthropogenic effects. Providing observational records and interviews focusing on urban transformation in a scientific and historical frame through two video channels, the work suggests an alternative to the conventional documentary form."

Past Present Istanbul | SSM (sakipsabancimuzesi.org)

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