ITU offers graduate programs and courses related to “SDG14-Life Below Water” and “SDG15-Life on Land”.

Programs Related to SDG14-Life Below Water  and SDG15-Life on Land

●      Earth System Science Master’s and Doctorate Programs

The Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences consists of three main departments: Ecology and Evolution, Climate and Marine Sciences and Solid Earth Sciences. The interdisiplinary approach of the institute provides a scientific support for sustainable life on our planet.

●      Sustainability Master’s Programs
●      Coastal Sciences and Engineering  Master’s and Doctorate Programs

●      Environmental Science Engineering and Management Master’s and Doctorate Programs

●      Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering Master’s and Doctorate Programs

Courses Related to SDG14-Life Below Water  and SDG15-Life on Land

Course Code

Course Title

Course Information

YSB 541E

Fundamentals Of Ecology

BIO 221E


YSB 581E


YSB 606E

Ecosystem Ecology

YSB 637E


YSB 690E


PEM 242E

Landscape Ecology

CEV 205E

Environmental Ecology

BIO 468E

Current Topics in Ecology

KBM 605E

Marine Ecology

GMI 315

Marine Ecology

DEN 319E

Introduction to Marine Ecological Processes

DEN 436E

Ecotoxicology in the Marine Environments

CBM 537

Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

BIO 301E

Fundamentals of Biology

BIO 222

Systematic Biology

CEV 221


BIO 214E


CEV 203

Environmental Microbiology

CEV 302

Biological Processes