As part of Istanbul Technical University’s Business World Talks, Eti Maden General Manager and Chairman of the Board, ITU Mechanical Engineering 1994 graduate Serkan Keleşer became the guest of ITU Director of Communication Adem Dönmez. In the meeting held online on ITU’s social media accounts, boron reserves in our country and in the world were discussed from a broad perspective.

“We are the leading country in world boron reserves”

Stating that Eti Maden has reserves that can meet the world's boron need for a thousand years, Keleşer also made the following statements regarding the boron market: “Eti Maden sells the boron after processing, not as it comes out of the soil. It works to deliver higher value-added products. We sell one ton for 450-500 dollars. We are working on boron end products. We are investing in products that can be sold for 25-30 thousand dollars a ton. I hope we will witness these developments together in the near future.”

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In addition, İTÜ recently signed a cooperation protocol with Eti Maden. With the protocol, the two institutions will realize projects for identifying and evaluating the country’s resources and needs.

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