According to an article published in Indian Bussiness Standard newspaper, Istanbul Technical University's Sustainability Office continues to play a prominent role on the international stage.

At the two day International Conference titled "Reimagine, Reinvent, Recycle: Exploring Inclusive and Sustainable Growth through Business Innovation," organized by IMIS (Institue of Management  & Information Science) in India, Istanbul Technical University representative Dr. Börte Köse Mutlu elaborated on their work in the field of sustainability.

Dr. Börte Köse Mutlu emphasized their focus on measuring and ranking actions in the field of sustainability during her speech, highlighting the university's leadership in this area. She stated the objective of the conference, offering participants the opportunity to create action plans on sustainability and inclusive growth.

During the conference, Dr. K. Kbeuria, President of IMIS, shared insights into their institution's experiences and achievements during the Covid pandemic.

This international conference featured sessions in five main areas: financial sustainability and inclusive growth strategies, innovative human resource practices for inclusive sustainability, marketing for sustainable innovation, evolving inclusivity in ethical and innovative initiatives, and data-driven business innovation and sustainable growth.

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