Sustainable Development Expertise Certificate Programme in partnership with ITU Sustainability Office and Continuing Education Center started on 10 may! The Expertise Certificate Programme consists of 6 main modules with a team of experts in the field to cover the entire objectives of Sustainable Development Goals. Second module was completed with a high attendance of 18 people!

Three courses were organized in the " Social Sustainability/Sustainable Economic Growth" section as a module 2!

On Tuesday (17 may), the first lesson was to focus on the economic definition, growth and development theories, and to enter the module with the title "Macroeconomics for a Sustainable World".

" Reducing Social Inequality/Gender Inequality/Poverty " in lesson 2 and third lesson focused on “Economic Growth and Global Risks” as the last course of second module.

As of Tuesday (May 24), the theme "Climate/Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Production and Climate-Resilience Industry, Agriculture and Climate Change, Risk Assessment", has begun as a third module.