Ders Adı Ders Kodu
Anaerobic Treatment for Industrial and Municipal
Animation in Architectural MBL 540E
Biological Processing of Solid Wastes ENB 509E
Biomimetics in Textiles YTT 514E
Bionergy Production from Waste and Wastewater
Building Information Modeling IYB 501E
Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Mitigation YSB 572E
Climate Modeling MTO 514E
Computer Programming in Architecture MBL 531E
Data Center Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency BLU 524E
Database Design and its Applications in Architecture MBL 515E
Digital Architectural Design And Modeling MBL 513E
Digital Culture in Creative Industries MBL 551E
Digital Solutions for Smart Cities BLG 556E
Disasters and Territorial Development BPL 527E
Ecofiendly Textile Dyeing and Finishing TEK 545E
Ecology, Society and Sustainable Development ANT 501E
Energy Efficient Building Design EBT 530E
Energy Systems for Buildings EBT557E
GIS In Urban Planning SPL 502E
Globalisation and Regional Strategies BPL 502E
Hi-tech and High Performance Textiles and Applications YTT 504E
Environmental Sustainability and Industrial Design EUT 558E
Industry 4.0 in Textiles and Apparel
Innovative and Functional Materials and Products YTT 503E
Intelligent Optimization Methods for Energy Systems BLU 512
Land Use Planning SBP 221E
Machine Learning in Architectural Design
Material Based Computation in Architectural Design MBL 557E
Modelling in Social and Ecological Systems 509E
Natural Treatment CEV 436E
Nutrient & Water Cycles in Circular Economy CBM 558E
Photovoltaic Systems ELK 554E
Principles of Disaster and Emergency Management AFY 511E
Principles of Risk Management and Planning AFY531E
Public Transportation
Remote Sensing of Air Pollution CBM 629E
Smart Materials in Textile TEK 533E
Sociology of the Environment BTT 513E
Solid Waste Recycling and Treatment Technologies CBM 506E
Sustainability and Life cycle assessment in Textile TEK 541E
Sustainable Construction IYB 506E
The City as a Data Mine MBL 552
Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters by Nanocatalysts
Waste Minimization, Recycling and Cleaner Technologies CBM544E
Zero Energy Buildings
Sürdürülebilir Kentsel Tasarım KET 525E